25 – 26 May 2012

For the past several years, designers, critics, and educators has been trying to promote the importance and good use of ‘Typography’ and the art has since enjoyed a considerable growth in popularity. Whether it’s directly about type design or applied typography, they are both very fundamental to design, especially communication design. Type not only plays a key role in determining the texture of a design, it is an evidence of culture and a system of communication, and perhaps, the most tangible of them all.

The success of BITS MMX, which ran from 30-31 October 2010, evidently illustrated the growing significance of typography in Thailand. There was a large number of people attending the conference on both days including professional designers and students from various universities. The workshops, which were conducted by international guest speakers, could only accept a limited number of attendees; thus, the seats were completely filled two months prior to the event and many people missed the opportunity. This issue can be clearly seen in BITS Facebook page as it has around 1500 fans, however, due to technical limitations, the conference could only accept 250. Nevertheless, the overall response to BITS MMX had been positive and overwhelming. It proves that typography already holds a firm ground within Thai society and its design community.

Bangkok International Typographic Symposium is officially the first ever international typographic conference organized in Southeast Asia and had brought with it a considerable amount of attention to the design community in Thailand. As a result, the event was strongly supported by ThaiGa (Thai Graphic Designers Association) and has already been marked as a yearly activity.

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